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Rider Registration

Please complete the form below as fully as possible in advance of your riding assessment or first lesson.

Date of Birth:
Have you, or the rider you are signing for, ever suffered a serious injury or discomfort while riding or been advised not to ride?*
If yes, please give details:
Please detail any disability or medical conditions that may affect your ability to ride. This may include but not be limited to any back problems and any conditions, which can affect balance or cause blackouts/loss of consciousness/fitting and so on.
Emergency Contact
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Riding Ability/Declaration - you MUST tick all boxes that apply
I consider myself (or the person for who I am signing on behalf of as a minor) to be:
How many times have you/rider ridden in the past 12 months?
What do you believe you or the rider's capability to be on a horse or pony?

I confirm in that to the best of my knowledge all of the above details are correct.

I have read the Riders' Code of Conduct. I understand that riding at any standard has inherent risk that I may fall off and could be injured. I accept that risk and agree that the riding school will not be liable for injury or damage to property unless it is caused by their negligence.

Where I am signing on behalf of a minor I have explained the Riders' Code of Conduct to my child and we both accept the risk and agree that the riding school will not be liable for injury or damage to property unless it is caused by their negligence.

I have read and understand the lesson booking and cancellation policy and agree to bide by it at all times.

Data Protection Act 1998: Statement: I understand that the information I have given will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 but may also be made available to insurers and other concerned parties in the event of any injury or accident.

Name of signatory:
Riders name:
Relationship to minor:

I confirm that by submitting this form that I am in agreement with the terms detailed above and the information I have provided is accurate.

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The client has been assessed and our judgement of their capabilities is as follows:
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ABRSThe Grove Riding School is an approved member of the British Association of Riding Schools. As an 'approved school' we have been inspected and found to be satisfactory by one of the national Approved Schemes. The Association of British Riding Schools conducts such a scheme, setting a high standard for horse care and requires to be satisfied that the instruction given is well presented and correct in content.