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Equine Connection

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Equine Interaction for the elderly and people living with Dementia

Horses can be particularly therapeutic for humans because they have an innate ability to sense what others around them are feeling. They depend on the herd for survival and being prey animals are naturally vulnerable, something which can immediately create an affinity.

Equine Connection at The Grove Riding School provides equine interaction sessions for the elderley and those living with dementia, their carers and family members. All are welcome to come and enjoy the peaceful and calm surroundings and connect with the horses.

Studies have found that being around horses has a very calming effect on people and can provide many positive benefits for elderley people and those living with dementia:-

enhance wellbeing by reducing stress and anxiety;

improve mood, increase verbalisation and reduce depression;

encourage enjoyment of the present moment;

encourage physical activity;

provide a connection with nature and outdoors;

encourage socialising and interaction with others. Our outdoor activities help thos living with dementia both emotionally and physically. We provide as much or as little as suits the individual:-

a chance to groom, lead, feed or stroke the horses in a safe arena with skilled and knowledgeable staff;

observing the horses from a distance if preferred;

fields and woods to walk in;

a tack room full of colours, noises, textures and smells;

a simple, relaxed and quiet space to enjoy a cream tea or refreshments.

Our focus is on the 'now'. What can we do to make you feel better and enjoy the moment right now? Even if it won't be remembered later.

Equine Connection sessions run on a Monday during term time. If you are interested in finding out more or wish to book a session, please contact us at .



ABRSThe Grove Riding School is an approved member of the British Association of Riding Schools. As an 'approved school' we have been inspected and found to be satisfactory by one of the national Approved Schemes. The Association of British Riding Schools conducts such a scheme, setting a high standard for horse care and requires to be satisfied that the instruction given is well presented and correct in content.