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The Grove Riding School

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Courses and Events

Upcoming Events

Own a Pony Mornings:

These events are your chance to spend the day at the yard looking after your very own pony for the day; feeding, mucking out, riding, grooming, all the good stuff!! 

Ask your instructor which course best suits you, bring your lunch, warm clothee, Sunscreen (!) and come have some  fun!

All days start at 9.30 and finish at 12.00 | £50



Summer Courses :


Own A Pony Mornings -


28th July Open Order

29th Mounted Games 

3rd August Off Lead Rein

4th Cross Country

11th Learn to Canter

12th Horse Ball 

13th Le Trec

18th Learn to Jump

20th Clear Round

24th Off Lead Rein

26th Clear Round Pyatts

31st - 2nd September 3 day Event











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